Tampa Bay Ballet is the official ballet school of Tampa Ballet Theatre. Tampa Bay Ballet celebrates 7 years of ballet in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay Ballet students are provided opportunities to perform for the community alongside Tampa Ballet Theatre in their classical and contemporary repertoire. With summer and winter intensives, students are given an opportunity to train alongside Tampa Ballet Theatre dancers.

Tampa Bay Ballet believes that a solid foundation in ballet is key to any dancer's aspirations. The primary focus of the school is a structured ballet curriculum, offering classes in other dance disciplines. The school accepts students, beginning at age 3, of all levels of study.

Tampa Bay Ballet offers dance training for all levels, ages, and ability. For the pre-professional student, auditions are held biannually for Trainee and Apprenticeship positions with Tampa Ballet Theatre.

Boys Dance Free Ballet Program

Tampa Bay Ballet understands the importance of dance education for boys. We are excited to offer free classes to boys and men ages 3 - 25 during the 2014 Fall Semester! Contact a Tampa Bay Ballet administrator to register.